World Class Reining

Western Horseman - World Class Reining. Helps improve performance. 15 chapters. Tapping into their experience, Shawn and Craig offer advice and ideas for a winning training program. 160 pages. Filled with Excellent Color Photographs and Diagrams. Breaking down the horse's training process into individual maneuvers, Shawn and Craig reveal training techniques that they've perfected over the years.

The authors, shawn flarida and Craig Schmersal, are two of the best reining horse trainers in the business. This book escorts the reader through all the steps of owning, riding, showing and caring for the reining horse. They've trained and shown some of the highest earning horses in the industry, and both men have helped their share of successful non-pros.

World Class Reining - These are basic teaching steps that can be used, whether training a reining horse, maintaining the complete show horse or simply hoping to improve a horse's behavior. The authors also recommend valuable show pen strategies that make the difference. The two trainers outline their methods for making sure the horse's start is right, the training consistent and the finish polished.

World class reining covers the entire spectrum of training and showing a reining horse and is lavishly illustrated throughout with four-color photography that gives it a “coffee table” book feel and look.

Reining: The Guide for Training & Showing Winning Reining Horses A Western Horseman Book

Western Horseman - This book covers the most modern methods used to train the reining horse and discusses specific problems and how to fix them.

Rookie Reiner: How to Survive and Thrive in the Show Pen

Trafalgar Square Books - Demystifying one of the world’s most exciting and fastest-growing equestrian sports, this thorough guide is an essential asset to competitors new to horse reining competition. Answering questions such as does the rider's body position affect the score? How early should children start reining? and What are the "Rookie Days?" this comprehensive guide discusses a wide range of topics, from selecting a trainer or coach and equipment to being the best possible athlete and a rider's first show.

With lessons gleaned from successful competitors as well as tips from amateur coaches and top trainers—such as Tim McQuay and Tom McCutcheon—this ultimate resource offers all the insights needed to slide into the winner's circle. In addition to explanations of basic maneuvers and patterns,  the manual includes the history of the National Reining Horse Association NRHA and information about how judges are trained and score performances.

Rookie Reiner: How to Survive and Thrive in the Show Pen - A competition diary offers a variety of suggestions for setting goals, a table for tracking earnings, a calendar for scheduling events, and some important contact information for NRHA and its international affiliates.

Down the Fence: Working Cow-Horse Dynamics Western Horseman

Western Horseman - Many have claimed multiple world and futurity championships and are Hall of Fame inductees. Although the book considers the sport itself, a legacy from the california vaquero tradition, Dunning focuses primarily on the cattle work—how to read, rate and control a cow, as well as the requisite horse and rider skills in the event “dry” work, hold one here or send it there—all with the horsemanship skills and show savvy only a man of his experience can share.

In addition to dunning’s expertise, Down the Fence includes cow-horse commentary from some of the industry’s great horsemen. Al dunning fills this void by guiding readers—and their horses—step-by-step through the cow-horse world. Among them are bob avila, todd crawford, brad barkemeyer, Bobby Ingersoll, Bill Enk, Todd Bergen, Corey Cushing, Don Murphy and Doug Williamson.

Down the Fence: Working Cow-Horse Dynamics Western Horseman - Although cattle work fascinates many western riders, fencing or circling a cow in competition, unless they have ranching backgrounds few even know where to start when it comes to boxing, much less how to help their horses master those skills. Down the fence addresses one of the most popular, most intriguing and typically least mastered aspects of the stock-horse world—handling cattle in the competitive cow-horse arena.

Reining: The Art of Performance in Horses

Equimedia - Book by loomis, Bob Used book in Good Condition.

Western Practice Lessons: Ride Like a Champion, Improve Communication with Your Horse, Train in a Progressive Plan, Refine Your Performance Horse Wise Guides

Storey Publishing, LLC - Saddle up and start riding like a champion!  Used book in Good Condition. Designed to help you efficiently perfect the fundamentals of Western riding — rhythm, relaxation and suppleness, readiness, engagement and impulsion, and straightness — you’ll learn to view each ride as an opportunity to improve the nuances of your horsemanship.

Charlene strickland’s step-by-step lessons are full of tips, diagrams, and photographs that will help you achieve greater harmony with your horse as you refine your riding skills. Used book in Good Condition. Make the most of your riding time.

Reining Essentials: How to Excel in Western's Hottest Sport

Trafalgar Square Books - What originated among cowboys working ranch cattle has clearly turned into one of the hottest disciplines in the Western tradition, with the National Reining Horse Association experiencing a dramatic 40 percent increase in membership over the past 10 years. Brimming with expertise and insider information for one of the most popular competitions in Western riding, this definitive reining manual takes aspiring horseback riders through the initial steps—choosing a horse and perfecting the required maneuvers—all the way to becoming a confident competitor.

. From one of the top competitors and trainers in the sport, accelerate, spin, this essential guide contains the best methods for producing well-trained horses who can stop, and accept the rider's every cue. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.

101 Reining Tips: Basics of Training and Showing 101 Tips

Lyons Press - Simultaneously, the horse will become acclimated to the rider's style and strength of cues. Maneuvers can be picked up from other disciplines, such as barrel racing or Western horsemanship. During this early learning phase, the most important lesson for the rider is to figure out how the horse responds to "natural" aids of hands, legs, seat, and voice.

For example: including maneuvers other than the regular spinning, stopping, and lead changes that make up the reining performance pattern is a good addition to a green rider's daily regime. Used book in Good Condition. This approach spices up the daily ride for both horse and rider. To help the increasing number of riders who have become involved, to analyzing and practicing all the parts of required and freestyle patterns, from selecting a reining horse prospect and necessary tack and other equipment, 101 Reining Tips provides essential information on all aspects of the sport, up to competing in the show arena.

101 Reining Tips: Basics of Training and Showing 101 Tips - Some suggestions from stephen Saidik of Cambridge, side-pass, are the counter-canter, Ohio, and two-track. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. When evaluating new moves, check that each one addresses movement and cues before incorporating it into a ride. Using advice from many of the country's top reiners, here's a guide that is sure to lead to greater enjoyment and satisfaction--and higher scores.

The goal is to work different areas of the horse--hip, shoulder, neck, etc.

Cross Training 101 Reining, Cutting, Cow Horse

All About Cutting - Used book in Good Condition. Cross training 101 reining, cutting, Cow Horse is the second book in a training series authored by Rick Dennis. Used book in Good Condition. The author is a professional reined cow horse trainer with over 20 years experience in the stock horse industry and an avid teacher of cross training reining, cutting and cow horses.

Used book in Good Condition. His training methods teach a student and a horse to perform in these three separate equestrian disciplines, enabling the equestrian team to compete in the prestigious reined cow horse show arena. Used book in Good Condition.

Western Pleasure: Training and Showing to Win

Equimedia - Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. The author's simple, straightforward approach to riding will benefit and be enjoyed by riders of all levels.

Starting Colts: Catching / Sacking Out / Driving / First Ride / First 30 Days / Loading, Revised

Western Horseman - Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Most anyone can do it; but to do it well takes knowledge and practice. You can use different words to describe Mike Kevil--horse whisperer, psychologist, magician, behaviorist--but he prefers just plain old horse trainer. His philosophy is simple: Stimulus-Response-Reward, then Repeat.

Whatever the current fad, " he says, "all we're really doing is training a horse. Used book in Good Condition. You apply a stimulus until you get the desired response, then you stop the stimulus and reward the horse. He emphasizes safety and going slowly with young horses. It isn't magical, mystical, secretive, or even difficult for the most part.

Starting Colts: Catching / Sacking Out / Driving / First Ride / First 30 Days / Loading, Revised - Patience and a steady approach build confidence in both the horse and trainer. A few basic skills and a good work ethic are all you need to get started. Kevil gives the reader all that and more in this practical guide to mastering horse-training skills aimed at both the expert and novice horseman and -woman.

Used book in Good Condition. Chapters include facilities, first thirty days, thirty to ninety days, first saddling, longeing, first ride, introduction to the bit, developing the mouth, driving, tying up, sacking out, equipment, catching and leading, and trailer loading. In the pages of starting colts, kevil offers readers an understanding of how to apply and cease the stimulus in the best and most humane way possible.