New Elektra - Ever the outlaw, jennings has now crafted what might well be his most truly idiosyncratic work thus far, SHOOTER. It should be noted, jennings' last studio album was a genuinely visionary tribute to Giorgio Moroder so in some ways, making a straight up country record is as much of a left turn as anything else in his brilliantly mercurial career thus far.

In short, making music for real people with real lives. Produced by longtime friend and collaborator, low country sound founder Dave Cobb, at the renowned RCA Studio A on Nashville's Music Row, the album sees Jennings staking out a fairly straightforward goal: to simply make a great country record. Shooter Jennings- Shooter.

Shooter - But with songs like "fast horses & good hideouts" or the raucous "i'm wild & My Woman Is Crazy, mandate: singing songs about growing up and getting older, " Jennings more than affirms his mission by returning to country's original, if oft misplaced, about going out and getting trashed. With shooter, jennings truly puts his own mark on country music, living up to his extraordinary birthright with unparalleled passion, experience, and heart.

Hard Times and White Lines

WHITEY MORGAN MUSIC - Additionally, he has toured relentlessly averaging over 125 shows annually. Featured on the record are collaborations with acclaimed songwriters Travis Meadows and Ward Davis plus a cover of ZZ Top's ''Just Got Paid. Alongside morgan, joey spina guitar, the 78's consist of Brett Robinson pedal steel guitar, Alex Lyon bass and Eric Savage drums.

Whitey morgan and the 78's anticipated new album, was recorded in the Neve Room at the famed Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, self-produced by Morgan, Texas. Modern-day outlaw with a hard-hitting, merle haggard and david allan coe, ''Staying close to the sound and subject matter of classic outlaw artists like Waylon Jennings, blue-collar brand of music'' while NPR Music hailed, Morgan is poised to lead this hard-worn brand of country to the next generation.

Hard Times and White Lines - His most recent lp, was released to critical acclaim and praised by Detroit Free Press as, ''a bold, Sonic Ranch 2015, well-crafted album that doesn't forsake the gritty undercurrent running through Morgan's stuff. Whitey morgan- Hard Times & White Lines. Rolling stone has described him as a ''Waylon Jennings acolyte.

. In a career spanning 15 years, Morgan has released live studio albums and a live recording from his hometown of Flint, Michigan.


Rounder - In the two years since he released his last album, which made its impressive debut on the Billboard Country Albums chart at #4, Jinks and his band have relentlessly toured and cultivated an immense and loyal following among enthusiastic music fans who crave the kind of authentic country music on which he was nurtured.

With over 225, 000 physical albums sold, millions of streams, and hundreds of sell-out live performances nationwide, Lifers, Cody Jinks’ highly anticipated new album, marks his debut for Rounder Records and the next chapter in a book of grass-roots country music superstardom. The title track and theme of the album celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and pays tribute to the often overlooked “lifers, the struggling strivers, working long after the day is done…the last of the great generation.

Lifers - Whitey morgan- Hard Times & White Lines. Cody jinks- Lifers.

Shooter Jennings - From here to Eternity

Smith Music Group - It promotes itself as "the world's largest honky Tonk, " at 100, 000 square feet of interior space and 20, 000 square feet of parking space. Cody jinks- Lifers. Billy bob's texas is a country and western nightclub located in the Fort Worth Stockyards, Texas, United States. He is the son of country music legend Waylon Jennings.

Shooter jennings was the 48th artist recorded Live at Billy Bob's Texas in November 2016. Shrink-wrapped. The show was part of the Billy Bob's Texas 35th Anniversary celebration. 2017 live release. Whitey morgan- Hard Times & White Lines. Shooter jennings is a singer/songwriter active mainly in the outlaw country music and Southern rock genres.

The Other Life

Country/Entertainment One 26337419 - Whitey morgan- Hard Times & White Lines. Biram shares vocal duties on the steve young penned the white trash Song, Patty Griffin blesses Wild and Lonesome and Black Oak Arkansas Jim Dandy preaches alongside Shooter in the Black Oak Arkansas lost gem 15 Million Light-Years Away. In the long run, in his short time here Shooter has been a very prolific and daring artist.

In 2012, shooter also began work producing records for other artists. Cody jinks- Lifers. Shrink-wrapped. On march 12th, ky dirt rock band fifth on the floor will release Ashes & Angels, Lexington, the same day as The Other Life s release, the first of three records Shooter produced the previous year. From the moment he burst onto the scene, it was clear that he had a style and a vision all his own that would separate him from the leagues of cookie-cutter artists out there.

. But as dreams and nightmares continue to blossom and reality continues to crumble, there is comfort to be taken in the fact that artists like Shooter still care about art and disregard the rigid restrictions put upon it by corporate slave-drivers and the mainstream gatekeepers. Jason boland s dark and dirty Mile will follow, as well as a yet-unnamed record with Reno s Hellbound Glory.

The Other Life - He enlists the help of friends and icons alike, Austin Texas madman Scott H. But it is with the closing the gunslinger that we see a portrait of a man hell bent on making art his way no matter who may try and get in the way. During the recording sessions for shooter s previous release, as in life, Family Man, things began to shift and change and The Other Life began to take form.

Turn Off The News Build A Garden

Fantasy - Shrink-wrapped. Whitey morgan- Hard Times & White Lines. On songs like the wilburys inspired album opener, ” the poignant and relevant title track, ” lukas brings his prodigious gifts to bear, a singer, a guitarist and band leader – an artist at the peak of his powers, “Turn Off The News, ” the 60’s infused R&B of “Save A Little Heartache, as a songwriter, ” and the vulnerable balladry of “Mystery, “Bad Case, ready to seize the tremendous opportunity at hand.

Guest turns include background vocal and instrumental support from: Kesha, Margo Price, Sheryl Crow, Lucius, Shooter Jennings, Willie Nelson and Neil Young. Cody jinks- Lifers. Shrink-wrapped. Co-produced by john alagia and lukas nelson & Promise of the Real and recorded at Shangri-La in Malibu and The Village Studios in West L.

Turn Off The News Build A Garden - A. Turn off the news features the band’s most mature and absorbing work of their career. Shrink-wrapped.

American Love Song

Axster Bingham Records B07KLCRWB7 - American love song finds Bingham honing his creativity on two distinct levels, the personal and the cultural. Shrink-wrapped. Cody jinks- Lifers. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. The record is co-produced with Charlie Sexton, the superb Austin guitarist who has played for years in Bob Dylan s touring band. Whitey morgan- Hard Times & White Lines.

Shrink-wrapped. American love song was recorded at arlyn Studios and Public Hi-Fi in Austin with additional recording at Matter Music/Stella Sound in Los Angeles.

High Water I CD

Eagle Rock Entertainment - This music wants us to be a part of it. As those roads converged, the magpie Salute first took flight in 2016 when Robinson assembled the original ten-piece incarnation for a now seminal Woodstock gig. You found Me11. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. It supposedly wards off bad spirits. Can you See12. Color Blind7. A magpie is also a cousin to a crow.

As much as the group represents a musical union of swaggering rock ‘n’ roll, psychedelic blues, and campfire-worthy storytelling, it also marks a reunion of musicians whose paths twisted and turned right back to each other. By the beginning of 2018, the band delivered a total of 77 seismic sets worldwide comprised of a 170-song repertoire of covers, Crowes’ tunes, and solo material.

High Water I CD - A salute means, ‘We come in peace. That’s our goal. For the Wind5. Walk on Water9. Cody jinks- Lifers. Now, we’re working towards something as a tight unit. We bashed out all of the framework on tour, ” continues Ford. When we got off the road, we focused and let it really shine.

The Southern Ground Sessions

3 LEGGED RECORDS - Shrink-wrapped. Created as an accompaniment, to their acclaimed new album, find a light, the 6-song EP was recorded live at Southern Ground studio in Nashville, TN and features acoustic versions of five album tracks as well as a rendition of Tom Petty's "You Got Lucky" featuring Amanda Shires. Cody jinks- Lifers.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Whitey morgan- Hard Times & White Lines. Shrink-wrapped.

Old News

WOODS MUSIC - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Whitey morgan- Hard Times & White Lines. Shrink-wrapped. Cody jinks- Lifers. Shrink-wrapped. Part lynyrd skynyrd, country, allman brothers, nashville-based band deepens its resolve on a theme-driven album that joins the mystery train of the past with the full-speed loco-motion of the present, gospel, blues, dual-guitar southern blues-rock with elements of R&B, folk and metal, bluegrass, the descriptively named, seeking to bring people together with the universality of music.

Shrink-wrapped. Recorded in asheville, the new album features more original songs and, the whole band participated -- including the rhythm section of bassist Johnny Stanton and drummer Jay Tooke -- playing in a single room, for the first time, NC at Echo Mountain Studios, the site of an old church during a six-day break in a hectic touring schedule, cutting the tracks virtually live.

Old News - Shrink-wrapped. The steel woods' sophomore thirty tigers album, old news, represents a creative leap for the southern roots rock songwriting team of Alabama native Wes Bayliss and his North Carolina partner Jason "Rowdy" Cope, who completed their first recordings barely months after they first met.

Ride Me Back Home

SMG - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Whitey morgan- Hard Times & White Lines. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Backed by an amazing band of nashville gunslingers, Ride Me Back Home finds Willie Nelson making some of the most inspired work of his career. Ride me back home sits beside 2017's god's problem child and 2018's Last Man Standing as a trilogy of superior songcraft exploring ideas of mortality with wisdom, empathy and a winking love of life.

Ride me back home is another incredible addition to Willie Nelson's legendary catalog that finds him working once again with producer Buddy Cannon. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Nelson and cannon co-wrote a handful of songs but also call on their favorite songsmiths…great writers with great stories to tell: Sonny Throckmorton, Mac Davis, Guy Clark, Buzz Rabin.

Ride Me Back Home - Shrink-wrapped. The result is a magical collection of tunes with emphasis on the lyric. Cody jinks- Lifers.