Hot, Spicy Murder Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria Series Book 27

Summer Prescott Books - Call for delivery, this mystery will have you glued to your seat!Eleanora Ward is looking forward to a week in the sun with her grandmother, Ann Pacelli. A monkey wrench is thrown into ellie’s careful plans, however, when her grandmother informs her that instead of flying back home, they’ll be driving.

Bone tired and ready for a good night’s sleep after their first day of driving, Ellie pulls into the first motel they can find. It’s small and falling apart, but both women are too tired to care, and her cell phone doesn’t have any service, until Ellie stumbles across the scene of a violent murder.

Hot, Spicy Murder Papa Pacelli's Pizzeria Series Book 27 - Far from home, ellie and nonna try to keep their heads down and get out of town without attracting attention, but as usual, Ellie find herself drawn right into the middle of the case. This time, she is determined that her trip to Florida will be all about fun, not work.

Classic Crust Murder Papa Pacelli's Pizzeria Series Book 26

Summer Prescott Books - The entire town seems to be in good spirits, not least of all, Eleanora Ward, who is newly married and on the verge of taking the next major step in her life. When what should have been a fun class ends in disaster, Ellie watches helplessly as Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria is shut down and the very people she thought she could trust the most are blamed for a tragic crime.

Grab a serious slice of murder!spring in Kittiport, Maine, is a welcome interlude from the snow and freezing oceanside winds that have plagued the small town for months. Will she be able to put her emotions aside for long enough to figure out who the murderer really is? .

Jalapeno Pizza Murder Papa Pacelli's Pizzeria Series Book 30

Summer Prescott Books - Ellie and russell reach the chilling conclusion that the killer has to be someone they know. The clock is ticking as the duo works to uncover the truth, before it’s too late! Family ties, and someone dies…even though she has been busy bringing the pizzeria into the new year, Eleanora Ward is happy to lot one of her husband’s relatives stay with them for a couple of days.

She enjoys getting to know another member of the family that she married into, and goes all out when her guest wants to throw a dinner party. The dinner party is a success, but the morning after, a shocking murder is revealed.

Pork, Pizza and Murder Papa Pacelli's Pizzeria Series Book 28

Summer Prescott Books - She sells the pizza, but her husband brings home the bacon. For as long as she’s known him, Eleanora Ward’s husband has been the sheriff of the small town of Kittiport, Maine. Ellie is frantic to track down the person who is responsible for the threats and solve the case before her husband loses his job for good.

. When he receives a threatening phone call just days before election day, she realizes that his victory may not be as certain as she thought it was. After an innocent man ends up dead, Russell is convinced that the only way he can protect his town is to withdraw from the election.

A Crunchy Crust of Murder Papa Pacelli's Pizzeria Series Book 35

Summer Prescott Books - Sometimes lady luck smiles upon us…And sometimes she gets us killed. Popular pizzeria owner, eleanora Ward, loves her customers, and is a bit worried when a young man comes in, loudly bragging about having won the lottery. Her worst fears are realized when the man turns up dead, the victim of what looks like a simple car burglary gone wrong.

Convinced that his death was anything but random, Ellie works together with her family, friends and employees to try and unravel the truth about the young man’s untimely demise.

Sweet Chili Murder Papa Pacelli's Pizzeria Series Book 32

Summer Prescott Books - Some amateur sleuths can never catch a break. When eleanora ward boards the plane for florida, she’s expecting a fun week in the sun with her grandmother while they film an ad for Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria. Will her friends and family stand by her side even when all of the evidence suggests that she is a cold-blooded killer?

However, a disagreement with the director escalates beyond Ellie’s control, and before she knows it, she’s the lead suspect in a murder case. With help from nonna and linda, she works against the clock to prove she is innocent, unaware that someone else is working against her.

Pesto Pizza Murder Papa Pacelli's Pizzeria Series Book 31

Summer Prescott Books - She enlists her friends to help her get to the bottom of the mystery, and what they find will draw them all into an intrigue that spans decades. Sometimes the natural is far more scary than the supernatural. She convinces herself that the noises were just the sounds of the house settling. Over the next few days, a string of mysterious occurrences convince her that the house is haunted.

Girls just wanna have fun. But sometimes get-togethers can be murder!when Eleanora Ward’s husband leaves town for a police conference, she takes advantage of the time to herself to host a girls’ night in her home. Ellie hears strange and disturbing noises in the house, and is more than glad to be surrounded by her friends.

Chicken Alfredo Murder Papa Pacelli's Pizzeria Series Book 29

Summer Prescott Books - Ever feel worked to death?Eleanora Pacelli is looking forward to a two-week vacation in Florida. Eager for an escape from the cold, dreary Maine weather, she can’t wait to feel the sun on her face and sand between her toes. Nonna is going along too, but unlike Ellie, she’ll be staying there until spring is well under way.

When someone in nonna’s retirement community is murdered, Ellie’s vacation turns from pleasant to terrifying. On the heels of the murder, another crime strikes the sleepy community, and points to Nonna’s safety being at risk. Will ellie solve the crime in time to save her beloved grandmother? Find out in this heart-pounding adventure!

A Saucy Taste of Murder Papa Pacelli's Pizzeria Series Book 34

Summer Prescott Books - Some people will do just about anything for money. With spring beginning to thaw out northern Maine and her grandmother moving back home, pizza shop owner, Eleanora Ward, is in high spirits. With some help from her family, she begins connecting the dots and soon realizes that what looked like a simple theft gone wrong, may have had a different motivation altogether.

. She doesn’t think twice before agreeing to sell pizzas for a local fundraiser, and even donates a sizeable sum in addition. When the person in charge of collecting the money for the fundraiser is found dead and the money turns up missing, Ellie, along with all the other folks in town, is outraged at the crime.

A Melted Morsel of Murder Papa Pacelli's Pizzeria Series Book 33

Summer Prescott Books - There’s no place like home…ellie Ward’s sweet Nonna is moving home again, but first, her tenants have to vacate the premises. When doing the final walk-through to make certain that the house is ready, ellie makes a gruesome discovery…a body!When the police fail to confirm the identity of the victim and all of their suspects have alibies, and that the cleaning team did a thorough job, Ellie realizes that something very unusual is going on, and puts her amateur sleuth cap firmly in place.

In her quest for the truth, the talented pizza maker uncovers a long criminal history, and a person who will do anything to keep their secrets buried. Will she survive long enough to roll out the daily special? .

Meat Lovers and Murder Papa Pacelli's Pizzeria Series Book 25

Summer Prescott Books - Have a bite of delicious mystery!eleanora Ward and her new husband are back from their honeymoon and are looking forward to a few days of peace and quiet before diving back into their busy lives. Unsure of their own safety, and to the pizzeria, they have to work together to catch the killer while Ellie also juggles responsibilities to her very pregnant best friend, making for one very chaotic return from paradise.

. Their sweet respite ends abruptly, however, when a single gunshot echoes through their neighborhood. Ellie and russell are drawn into a mysterious murder case, with a personal touch, when they find their neighbor dead in his residence.