Emma Dilemma: Big Sister Poems This book won the Claudia Lewis Award

Clarion Books FBA-|290492 - How can one small girl be sweet, tattletale, some funny, some touching, and nuisance–all at the same time? Why is Jess supposed to be a good big sister while Emma doesn't have to be a good little sister? The highlights and low points of this sibling relationship are insightfully evoked in short and simple poems, brat, funny, and affectionate as well as a clinging vine, playful, imaginative, and all resonant with emotional truth.

And her dilemma. Every child with a younger sibling will recognize Jess's dilemma and the combination of ambivalence and deep loyalty that is built into the sibling relationship. Emma is Jess's little sister. Nancy carpenter's graceful illustrations perceptively complement Kristine O'Connell George's agile poems.

Toasting Marshmallows: Camping Poems

Clarion Books - Kristine o’connell george turns the memorable moments of a family outing into spirited, evocative verse, and Kate Kiesler’s vivid paintings provide a cast of characters and the perfect setting. The captivating poems and pictures in Toasting Marshmallows will leave readers with wonderful memories of a camping trip—even if they’ve never been on one!

Everything that happens when you go camping can be an adventure, from getting dressed inside your sleeping bag on a chilly morning to meeting a moose to sharing secrets in a tent at night.

Poetry Matters: Writing a Poem from the Inside Out

HarperCollins - At the most important moments, when everyone else is silent, poetry rises to speak. This book is full of practical wisdom to help young writers craft beautiful poetry that shines, sings, and soars. HarperCollins. It features writing tips and tricks, interviews with published poets for children, and plenty of examples of poetry by published writers—and even young people themselves.

Perfect for classrooms, this lighthearted, appealing manual is a celebration of poetry that is a joy to read. A practical guide to demystify the process of writing poetry, by the bestselling author of A Writer’s Notebook and the ALA Notable Book Fig Pudding. Poetry matters. Young poets and aspiring poets of all ages will enjoy these tips on how to simplify the process of writing poetry and find their own unique voice.

Old Elm Speaks: Tree Poems

Clarion Books - The author of the great from race and Other Poems has created a collection of short poems that celebrate trees and the amazing variety of ways they touch our lives. HarperCollins. This tree across the stream is a trickier bridge than it might seem. Deceptively simple verses reveal what trees think about and what they say to one another, as well as how they look and all the things they do for us.

Humor and an unerring ear for the sounds of language make these poems an irresistible read-aloud; the luminous oil paintings evoke a country setting and the children who enjoy it through the year.

Little Dog Poems

Clarion Books - The little girl, " retrieves tennis balls, brings home a present from the pet store, who loves Little Dog enough to "bake / birthday cookies with / liver powder, and observes how little a wet Little Dog becomes at bath time. A perfect introduction to the pleasures of poetry, this beguiling volume belongs on every young dog lover's bookshelf.

From cold-nose wake-up to bedtime with a little Dog-shaped lump under the covers, a day that a little girl spends with her Little Dog is recounted in thirty short, playful poems and enchanting watercolor illustrations. Little dog protects the little girl from vacuum cleaners and beetles, chases cats, digs up flowers, and waits hopefully as kitchen preparations take place and as popcorn is eaten.

Little Dog Poems - HarperCollins.

The Great Frog Race: And Other Poems

Clarion Books - A fresh collection of twenty-eight poems about a girl living in the country. Book details:format: paperbackpublication Date: 10/17/2005Pages: 48Reading Level: Age 4 and Up HarperCollins.

A Writing Kind of Day: Poems for Young Poets

WordSong - These poems take us inside the creative process as they reveal both the playfulness and the power of poetry. In this new collection, ralph fletcher shows us how you can write a poem about almost anything: a baby sister, grammar homework, a squished squirrel, a failing grandmother, a Venus's-flytrap, and more.

Used book in Good Condition. It's easy to make one, lying on your back in the newest snow. You move your arms like wings. Later you forget about your creation, go inside for a mug of hot chocolate. That's when she rises from the snowtakes a feathery breath, tries out her wings. So begins a poem about making a snow angel, but it might also refer to the mysterious way that a poem comes into being and takes on a life of its own.

A Writing Kind of Day: Poems for Young Poets - HarperCollins. More than anything, they invite us to pick up pen and paper and write some poems of your own.

Little Dog and Duncan Claudia Lewis Poetry Award

Clarion Books - Used book in Good Condition. Duncan is so big that he plays fetch with a log instead of a stick, his head alone fills Little Dog’s bed, and he takes up way more than his share of the backseat. Thirty short, playful poems, narrated by the little girl and illustrated with delicate watercolors, affectionately observe the contrasting canines and are an appealing introduction to poetry for very young readers.

HarperCollins. The endearing characters from Little Dog Poems are back—and this time the little girl and her little dog have a very large overnight visitor. But even though he and little dog are very different, they have lots in common, too—both love cookies and scratches and mud and mischief.

Writing Kind of Day, A

Wordsong - Used book in Good Condition. Boyds mills press publishes a wide range of high-quality fiction and nonfiction picture books, chapter books, novels, and nonfiction HarperCollins. Used book in Good Condition.

Fold Me a Poem

HMH Books for Young Readers FBA-|296943 - Join a young boy as he creates a world filled with origami creatures of all shapes and sizes out of an array of brightly colored paper. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Features an illustrator's note and an extensive listing of origami-related books and websites. From roosters waking up and buffalo pawing the tablecloth to cheetahs racing lions and moths that yearn for butterfly colors, here is a glimpse into the vibrant imagination of a child.

Award-winning author kristine o'connell George's thirty-two spirited poems combine seamlessly with celebrated artist Lauren Stringer's luminous illustrations to create a poetry collection that is truly like no other. HarperCollins.

Swimming Upstream: Middle School Poems

Clarion Books FBA-|291488 - The first year brings an array of challenges: making new friends, and, moving from class to class, changing for PE, school dances, of course, gossip, tests and homework, budding romance. Short, but all in a single voice—that of a new middle schooler—evoke the memorable moments of the school year, accessible poems in a variety of forms, exploring situations and emotions that will resonate with preteens.

HarperCollins. Lively illustrations complement this perceptive, humorous, poignant record of an important transitional year. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Award-winning poet kristine o’Connell George, author of several successful picture books, now turns her attention to the middle school experience.